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Holidays to Muscat: Attractions That Make Them Resplendent

Muscat, the capital city of Oman is a wonderful place to experience the incredible heritages and a charming culture. Presence of multitude of tourist attractions, and festivals and events that take place in the city demonstrate the great pride and respect the people have for their city and country.

Apart from heritage and attractions, it is the natural exquisiteness of the place that beguiles leisure travellers from everywhere, enticing them to plan holidays for Muscat, The city has it all, – and be it rich marine life, desert sands or steep mountain ranges!

Tourists who are lucky enough (or wise enough) to be in the city during festivals will be the witnesses to the best of the country. Music, dancing, food, revelries and fairs – people in Muscat surely know how to celebrate. Below mentioned are few categories of attractions that make Muscat holidays so exceptionally remarkable.


Beaches always tempt leisure vacationers! Muscat is home to some of the region's most beautiful beaches. The Qurum Beach and the Bandar Al-Jissah are two of the most popular beach destinations in the city. The Qurum Beach is a scenic spot and is a huge hit among foreign tourists. With its isolation and peace, Bandar Al-Jissah is equally charming and draws tourists who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Holiday makers can also find some of the top hotels in Muscat near the Bandar Al-Jissah.

Parks and Gardens

Muscat may be known as a desert city, but the city is surely not devoid of lush and beautiful parks and gardens. Riyam Park, Al Naseem Public Park and Quram Natural Park are few of the biggest parks in Muscat, and each of them draws hordes of tourists on holidays to Muscat. The Riyam Park is perhaps the most popular of them all. The park owes its massive popularity to not only the impressive natural splendours that surround it, but also to the great architectural marvels within its premises.


Muscat is a city of great culture, heritage and history, and what better place to experience all of that than the mesmerising museums of Muscat! The Natural History Museum, Children's Museum and the Omani-French Museum are few of the most popular museums in the city. Tourists would surely add much to their Muscat holidays by including such museums in their itinerary.

Forts, Palaces and Mosques

Sightseeing in this fabled city is never complete without a visit to the Muscat's major forts, palaces and mosques. Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts, Al Alam Royal Palace and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque are few such glittering specimens that are not only leading tourist attractions but are also major landmarks in the city.

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