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Disney Princess Decorating Ideas


    • Create a look fit for your princess by using colors associated with Disney princesses. Consider using the color of Sleeping Beauty's ball gown, either the cornflower blue or rosy pink, or the saffron yellow color of Belle's gown in "Beauty and the Beast," the aquamarine and shimmery greens worn by Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," or Snow White's famous lemony yellow and royal blue dress. Fluffy, frilly fabrics, plush throw rugs and pillows or wall paint in any of these colors will add princess style.

    Wall Clings

    • Buy and install wall clings that feature your child's favorite Disney princess or princesses. The clings, which adhere to the wall like stickers, resemble a mural but are much easier to remove. If your daughter outgrows the princess theme, simply peel them off the wall.

    Wall Stencils

    • Use wall stencils to create a storybook scene or scenes. Stencil the beginning of the story on a pastel pink wall using a dry brush technique to make the lettering look aged and faded. If you are handy with a paint brush, create your own designs and add them to the scene. Another option is to stencil a princess theme song such as, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," from "Cinderella," or, "A Whole New World," which Aladdin sings with Jasmine.


    • Disney princesses are frequently surrounded by animals. Mulan had her dragon, cricket and horse. Pocahontas had a humming bird and raccoon. Use plenty of animals in your Disney princess-inspired room. Include animal murals, stuffed animals, and animal print fabrics for bedding, pillows or curtains.


    • Disney princesses don't focus on wealth, but nothing seems to say princess more than a lot of gems and precious metals. Use mirrors framed in gold. Add ornate picture frames. Trim lamp shades and switch plates with rhinestones. Collect costume jewelry or crowns for a stately display on a wall, shelf or vanity. These little touches make a room shine.

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