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How to Replace the Rear Wheel Studs on a Jeep

    Removing the Wheel Studs

    • 1). Raise the vehicle using an automotive jack. Support the Jeep with jack stands placed underneath the rear axle.

    • 2). Unscrew the lug nuts on the rear wheel, using a lug wrench or impact wrench.

    • 3). Lift the wheel off the axle, and move it out of the way.

    • 4). Pull the brake drum off the axle.

    • 5). Position a wheel stud removal tool over the stripped or broken wheel stud. The removal tool resembles a c-clamp with an open cylinder at the bottom. Place this cylinder over the wheel stud head on the inboard side of the axle flange.

    • 6). Drive the wheel stud from the axle flange, by turning the threaded rod on the removal tool clockwise with a socket.

    Installing the Wheel Studs

    • 1). Insert the wheel stud through the inboard side of the axle flange.

    • 2). Place four flat washers on the wheel stud on the outboard side of the axle flange.

    • 3). Thread the lug nut onto the lug stud. Tighten using a lug wrench or impact wrench, until the stud is drawn into the axle flange.

    • 4). Unscrew the lug nut and pull off the four flat washers.

    • 5). Repeat the process above if you need to replace the studs on the other rear wheel.

    Reinstalling the Rear Wheel

    • 1). Slide the brake drum over the wheel studs.

    • 2). Slide the wheel over the wheel studs.

    • 3). Thread the lug nuts onto the wheel studs.

    • 4). Tighten the lug nuts, using a lug wrench or impact wrench.

    • 5). Repeat the process for the other wheel if necessary.

    • 6). Lower the vehicle.

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