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Two Things To Run Away From When Dating Women

You can read thousands of articles on whatmistakes to avoid with girls and still be doing huge faults, why?
Because these mistakes have not been replaced by something constructive you could use immediately.
This is what this article is going to give you, a replacement for these mistakes you should avoid with girls.
· The first mistake to avoid and to replace is downgrading yourself
Let me tell you that this mistake happens more times than all the other major mistakes combined.
This one doesn't happen when you are with a woman, it happens when you are alone with yourself.
It's about thinking of yourself as not enough and that you aren't luck at dating women.
This will seem like a small flow that women won't notice because after all you are falling in it while she is away, however, I can't explain why, women pick guys that are doing this mistake and will simply figure a way to run away from them.
As you can see, it's a very dangerous mistake that needs to be replaced immediately.
Unfortunately, if you are experiencing these thoughts, replacing them will take some time and some efforts, this is hard stuff!
You are going to write ten affirmations in which you express your deserving of happiness and control over your life and then write them in the morning after you wake up and before you sleep for a period of at least sixty days, nonstop.

After this period of time, you will notice that you are going to stop worrying and you will begin to ignore these messages when they come to your head.

· The second mistake to avoid and its replacement is paying for attraction
This is one of the greatest problems guys are going to have with girls

These dating tips are going to give you a way out.

Paying for a girl isn't bad, in fact, you have to pay for a girl, after all, you are the man and you are the provider.

However, it gets ugly when you pay for her every time you see her and you try to win her attraction by buying stuff for her.

This is the worst thing to do to get a girl to like you.

Most girls are going to take your money and say bye to you when you stop, this is why you have to apply this solution, it's the looks solution, or in other words, whenever you feel the need to pay for a girl, pay for yourself and become highly attractive to girls.

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