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The Smack Down: How to Avoid the Google Slap

I received an email from an internet marketer the other day with this headline. "Boy Did I Get Slapped Yolanda!" The email whined about how unfair Google was to kill everything this marketer had built over several years because of one violation. The marketer tried contacting Google to make amends, but no joy. The marketer ended the email with advertisers are customers too. No solutions.

I am sympathetic towards this marketer. I've had my blog shut down because of one violation and there was no mercy--I had to start it all over again. At least the marketer still has their list.

The reality is Google and other marketing platforms have a one-strike policy. Whether you think this policy is right or wrong doesn't matter. You have to play by the rules if you want to be successful.

Playing by the rules means using marketing as a tool for attracting people to your business. Viewing marketing as a means to trick or bypass search engine protocol will ultimately end in a smack down.

To play by the rules, you have to know there are two things every online business needs to address: 1) getting traffic, and 2) handling traffic. The truth is that traffic is easy once you have handling the traffic in place. The leverage (and profit) is in knowing how to handle the traffic.

How do you get a handle on handling traffic? You give people what they want and position yourself as an expert. Due to hypes, scams, and empty promises, there is zero trust on the Internet. People are looking for someone to trust, someone who is an authority, someone who can lead them to business success.

What does this means if you want to advertise on Google? You must have your own page (no affiliate or replicated websites) and market yourself as someone people can turn to for solutions and leadership.

Advertising on Google is like playing in the super bowl. You don't want to start there. You should start with other marketing methods to develop your marketing skills first. And you need to get educated on Google before you just jump in. Your credibility (and livelihood) is at stake.

No doubt this is daunting if you're first stating out. You just have to commit to taking action. Get educated, and trust there are people looking for someone like you to lead them.

Before you get started on Google, make sure you have the right attitude. If you work with Google instead of fighting it, you'll find that getting traffic is easy. Just make sure you have everything in place to handle it.

Happy Business Building,


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