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Stop Your Biological Clock

Stop your biological clock to slow down aging. Chronological age is unalterable; it has little significance on aging, except some psychological effects on how one may feel and look. Aging is due to deterioration of the body and mind as a result of the ticking of the biological clock. Biological agin

A Wrinkleless Existence

With today's new technologies evolving and thinking about the traditional saying "fountain of youth" man was able to discover yet another miracle aging cure. I am sure that a lots of people like me would ask themselves the question "why do we have to cure aging" anyways.

5 Unusual Anti-Aging Tips

Its ironic how we all look for an anti aging product in pill, a bottle or even with a doctor's scalpel, but we fail to see the bigger picture. There is no doubt about it that looking young is a huge part of feeling young, but people who age really well are usually those who are young at heart.