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Bench Press

Bench press is much easier to ridicule than to sing. Among his many sins, a leader in the number of injuries of shoulder joints. If you is not enough, try to find a real use of such a movement in daily life or sport. Yes, probably, wrestlers or football players can push the opponent in front of him,

Weight Training Advice

Here are some important tips for those who are to start weight training or who are already training and require some tips to improve their results. First and foremost, you must decide on the number of days you have available for training. You do not necessarily need to train daily to obtain good res

Bicep Exercises For Beginners

Well, friends, here you have it ? the third and final installment of my series of articles on exercises meant to work out your biceps. Since I get asked often about what the best way is to work these muscles, I created a few articles to give everyone some of the best and most commonly used bicep exe