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Objectives for Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nurses provide care for children of all and patient 9 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.comCaring for children's health is different from treating adults because their bodies work differently. Pediatric nurses learn in their training to understand the needs of...

Format for a Resume Cover Letter

Applying for a job can be an intimidating experience. You want to put your best foot forward while observing all customary norms and formalities for business correspondence to avoid looking like a rookie. You also want to showcase your skills to make you appear like an irresistible candidate for the

Becoming a Health Insurance Agent

EducationThough there are no hard-and-fast rules on what, if any, degree an agent should possess, many health insurance firms prefer that their employees have a bachelor's degree. This degree can put a candidate in favor with health insurance employers, especially if it is in an business-...