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What Is Diabetes? Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes is also referred to as diabetes mellitus, and may broadly be classified as a category of ailments wherein a person has high blood glucose levels. This could be either because insulin production in one's body is not sufficient, or the body fails to respond to the insulin in the required

Is Bariatric Surgery For Everyone?

With a growing prevalence of type 2 diabetes worldwide, this disorder is threatening to be a greater menace. Together with the diets that we are subjected to; conventional diabetic medication has in many cases lost its effectiveness. Other options are now available chiefly- bariatric or gastric surg

Diets for Diabetes

More than 10 million Americans suffer from diabetes, a disease characterized by the body's inability to produce enough insulin or to process carbohydrates efficiently in the body. What this means in terms of diet is that the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar must be monitored closely to maintai