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Small Novelty Gifts

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Novelty gifts are often amusing, but seldom useful. A large or cumbersome novelty gift presents a unique problem to the recipient. Where do they store it? How do they get rid of it? You can give an entertaining novelty gift that is also small and easy to store.Flavored Lip BalmLip balm is...

Teen Birthday Game Ideas

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When your child hits the teen years, she will request a party with all of her closest friends. As a parent, you can help your child to plan the party. One important aspect of the party is how to entertain her guests. Having a list of game ideas will ensure that your teen has a memorable...

How to Make Packaging

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Creative packaging is useful for gift-giving and critical for product marketing. Packaging not only protects the product in marketing, but it also attracts the consumer's attention and impacts brand identification. The same concept applies to gifts. A well-packaged gift stands out from the rest and